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What better event to visit if you are an aspiring actor or an art enthusiast than a fringe festival? Fringe festivals have become common fare as of late, but Edmonton prides its own as the first and largest of its kind in North America. Director Brian Paisley designed and launched the Edmonton Fringe Fest in 1982; it followed the Edinburgh Fringe Festival model. Since then, the Edmonton Fringe Fest is held every August.

What is a fringe fest exactly?

A fringe festival is a means for lesser known actors and independent artists to showcase their talents in low-cost productions in makeshift sets. What makes it attractive to viewers is the uniqueness of the take on acting, the experimental vision and its offered alternatives to jaded moviegoers. The low production cost enables the actors to test new grounds and makes them less afraid of making false moves.

Getting your fringe on in Edmonton

If you want to experience Edmonton’s fringe fest, be prepared for extreme, uncensored productions. Whether you are there because you love the theater or because you love shock value, there is definitely something for you in a fringe festival. When you are there at Edmonton’s fringe fest, make sure that you have a program so that you can examine the schedule of plays. You have to know the schedules because you won’t be admitted to a play if you are late for it. Program guides are available at selected stores, while tickets can be bought from the TransAlta Arts Barns Central Box Office; tickets will be available at other outlets after a given period.

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