Fort Edmonton Park


When you think of parks, you imagine benches, trees, and freshly mowed grass. However, Fort Edmonton Park is much more than that. It is a place where you can remember history. The park is located in the city of Edmonton, in the state of Alberta, Canada. So, you will be getting a comprehensive feel of what Edmonton, and even of what Alberta, used to be like. The park also makes a statement about Canada’s history as a whole, being the nation’s biggest living history museum.

Living and breathing Canadian history

Fort Edmonton Park will make you experience what life was like before the birth of modern inventions that you have become so used to. You will know how to behave according to the etiquette rules of long ago. You will also become more familiar with the inventor who had earned the title of “Father of Alberta” – Alexander Rutherford. The best thing about visiting Fort Edmonton Park is that your history lesson is very vivid; you will be physically part of late 19th century- or early 20th century-styled streets.

Becoming part of Fort Edmonton’s history

If you want to have a deeper involvement with the living museum, you can set your wedding or any other important event in any of Fort Edmonton’s buildings. If you are expecting more people to be part of your history-themed occasion, you can rent the whole park all to yourselves. Other momentous occasions can be held at the picnic areas, or at the church if it’s a grand wedding. The Fort has complete services by providing catering as well. Even birthday parties are welcome at Fort Edmonton Park. Whatever event you do decide to hold at the historic site, you must call to book your venue and to set your date in advance.

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