Edmonton Zoo


Your encounter with a wild lion or with a friendly chimpanzee can both happen in one place. The Edmonton Zoo is home to many species from all over the world. It also houses species local to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can bring your kids along with you, but be assured that you yourself will find the visit satisfying.

Multi-functional place

Though primarily a haven for animals, the Edmonton zoo can serve as wedding reception area for animal-loving couples. Indoor facilities and picnic areas can make this and other celebrations possible. The Edmonton zoo can be a unique venue for birthday parties and even corporate functions. These special events can be held solely in the indoor facilities or picnic areas; children’s birthday parties, however, can extend to a tour of the zoo. During the summer, you can make use of the available picnic tables by bringing some of your own food or by buying from many of the food outlets open during the season.

A heart for conservation

The Edmonton Zoo strongly supports the conservation of wildlife. The zoo’s administration organizes activities that pass on this sense of conservation to the zoo’s visitors. The passing-on of information are done through exhibits and other educational programs.

Taking home some souvenirs

If you want to always remember visiting Edmonton Zoo beyond snapshots, you can visit the gift shop for special zoo-themed items. It may well be a stuffed animal, or something fancier. These souvenir items also make wonderful gift ideas.

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