Edmonton Street Performers Festival


For fun that is not inhibited by buildings and theater stages, participate in, or simply watch, the Edmonton Street Performers Festival. This Edmonton festival has been taking place every July since 1985. Downtown Edmonton of Alberta, Canada sees colorful activities during the over-a-week-long festival. The streets are filled with performers from 11:30 am to 11 pm. The final day, however, ends early, at about 5 pm.

A short background of the Edmonton Street Performers Festival

The Edmonton Street Performers Festival is the city’s oldest when it comes to bringing the theater to the streets. The festival has become internationally recognized for its talented performers. So, street theater actors, dancers, and other performers strive to be part of this event. Though it does not drive quite a crowd as Australia, or San Francisco in the United States can, the Edmonton Street Performers Festival thrives with its reputation alone. This is impressive because as a Canadian city, it does not have the surfer vibe or the warm weather. Edmonton does take extra precaution by scheduling the event during the summer month of July.

The festival’s fun activities

The Edmonton festival is a fun celebration of street performances suitable for the whole family. Performers who want to have their talents showcased in a raw setting can join in to entertain eager viewers. You can watch various street performances such as musical acts, juggling, magic, and so much more. Show your appreciation by putting in some money into the performers’ hats; that is how they earn through their performance.

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