Edmonton Opera


The city of Edmonton’s opera is hailed to be the cream of the crop in Canadian regional opera companies. True to its international reputation, its tickets are almost always sold out. Decades of experience have made the Edmonton opera strong, and continually promising.

Themes tackled by the Edmonton Opera

Because the stage is set for drama, the Edmonton Opera usually tackles melodramatic themes and delivers strong, emotional punches. The plots are tightly spun. This is because they must always elicit strong emotions from the audience – a challenge when there are no second takes like in the movies, and some of the audiences are too far back. So, the Edmonton Opera delivers with vivid interpretations; the actors express not only through their voices but also through their body movements.

Some Edmonton Opera Features

The 2008-2009 season promises to deliver engaging stories through The Flying Dutchman, Daughter of the Regiment, La Traviata, and The Pearl Fishers.

Immersing yourself into Edmonton Opera

If you are still not content with watching Edmonton Opera shows, you can better enjoy what an opera is all about by being a member of the Explorer’s Club. Through the club, you become acquainted with other opera fans while getting great deals with opera tickets. You can also sign up for complimentary talks on the opera. Through these talks, you will be familiarized with the shows’ backgrounds. If you are a school teacher, you can help your students discover what Edmonton Opera is all about by joining the Explorer’s Club.

Going to the Edmonton Opera

You do not have to wear your fancy dress or your most expensive suit to attend a night at the opera. Casual clothes are perfectly acceptable at Edmonton Opera. English translations will also help you understand the story. You do have to be wary about some mature themes that children at a certain age cannot be exposed to.

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