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Alberta’s capital of Edmonton creates a busy cinema scene despite not being a densely populated metropolitan area. Edmonton has a wide selection of cinemas. These cinemas can cater to the varying tastes of residents and tourists. They can be found in malls and even in small buildings that house only theaters. A cinema block can house as many as twelve cinemas in one mall, or it can be a single theater housed by a cozy building.

Edmonton movie variety

It is understandable that most Edmonton cinemas feature the latest Hollywood hits and other international releases. Not all of the cinemas showcase the same fare, however. Lovers of independent films will rejoice because of cinemas that feature only indies. They have to come out to town at evenings, however; specialty art house film theaters are only open from early evening. Edmonton also offers Canada’s film features. Visitors from outside the country may want to try these as some have very limited distribution. You can also watch other foreign films in some Edmonton theaters. Finally, if you have missed some Hollywood films, some Edmonton cinemas have late releases that will allow you to still see such movies.

Finding the perfect Edmonton theater for you

If you want to make sure that you will find the right movie for you in Edmonton, check online guides. The Internet has a detailed guide of what movies are showing in which theaters, and at what time. If you are the sort who has a hard time in deciding until the last minute, you can opt for cinemas at the mall. At least, you will have a wide selection all in one place.

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