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Edmonton, the capital city of the state of Alberta, is one of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas. The city offers plenty of entertainment options, though it is so sparsely populated compared to cities such as New York. The city does offer a wide selection of International and Canadian films in its cinemas. So, if you are looking for some fun at movie theaters, Edmonton can deliver, though it may not give you the usual crowd rush you associate with big North American cities.

Be familiar with Edmonton cinema schedules

The city of Edmonton operates with the usual movie theater schedules. Movies in regular cinemas have matinée and night showings. Usually, a particular movie theater can start as early as 12:30pm or as late as 2:10pm. Even IMAX theaters operate at about the same schedule; one theater begins its operations at 1:00pm and presents its last full show at 9:00pm or even later. The Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton operates as an IMAX theater is only open on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can also check local schedules for any changes in the movie times.

Discover art house films in Edmonton

If you would rather watch a quirky independent film, know that art house films have become part of Edmonton’s night life. This means that indies are shown only in the evenings. Edmonton has three major art house theaters: Garneau Theatre, Metro Cinema, and Princess Theatre. These cinemas begin operating at about 7:00 pm.

Check schedule ahead of time

Anticipating the movie times of Edmonton cinemas may not be enough. Movie lengths do vary, affecting the starting and ending times of movies. The cinemas have to adjust their schedules to each movie’s duration. So, better look for the schedule of your desired movie before you visit the theater. It is better to arrive just in time: not late and not too early.

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