Edmonton International Film Fest


If bored with the usual big-budget movie offerings, you will be refreshed with unknown movie gems. Making audiences discover something entirely new is the objective of the Edmonton International Film Festival. This answers Edmonton residents’ need for something different. After all, Edmonton is reported to be the movie rental capital of the whole of Canada. The movie-loving locals have been continuously bombarded with popular movie images that it is time for something independent, something quirky, or something that have not yet been seen.

A piece of festival history

The film festival used to be called “Local Heroes.” It is a fairly new festival that began its movie viewing in 1999. Then, the festival was only three days long; it was celebrated in March. However, due to its popular reception, it was extended to nine days in 2003; the festival was also moved to September.

What the film fest offers

The Edmonton International Film Fest allows locals and visitors to experience a broader variety of movies. The selection includes movies that do not aim to generally please, but to experiment with media or with story-telling. You will also get a glimpse of what cinema is like in other countries, not just in Canada and the United States alone. Feature length movies will be included, but more samples of shorts will be shown as well. Documentaries complete the classification of independent films you will see, but several genres and even sub-genres will be represented. It is also great to know that works of local Albertans are also featured in the film festival.

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