Edmonton Folk Fest


The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is held annually at the Gallagher Park in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The folk fest comes to life every second weekend of August. This is a time when visitors and locals enjoy affordable, world-class music. The affordable pricing is largely due to the fact that the festival is handled by a non-profit society; members of the society are volunteers who just want to make the festival happen.

Transportation tips

If you are visiting the Edmonton folk fest for the first time, you have to remember that you cannot park your vehicle within the site. You will have to make use of the Edmonton transit system, or the Park & Ride. Park & Ride means that you can park at any campus lot within the University of Alberta. You have to emphasize that you are visiting the folk fest so that you’ll get the special daily parking rate of $3.75. As for taking the bus, kids below five get free rides, while those aged six to 15 are each charged a dollar. Adults pay $2.50 each.

Things to consider when going to the Edmonton Folk Fest

The festival provides affordable entertainment. In return, you must make sure you bring only things that are allowed. So use practical footwear, bring a blanket or a low-legged chair to sit on, wear comfy clothes, and bring rain gear to better protect yourself. However, refrain from bringing pets, drugs, alcohol, recording equipment, and glass containers.

Making the most of your visit

If you are visiting solely for the folk fest, you will be happy to know that there are lots of things to do or see near the festival site. Less than a mile away, you can find art galleries, parks, a golf course, gift shops, and possibly, even other festivals.

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