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If you are not familiar with Edmonton’s Capital Ex celebrations, you probably have not been to Alberta’s capital city. Or, you probably are a former Edmonton resident who have not visited since before 2006. This is because before its name change in 2006, Capital Ex was still known as Klondike Days. Some still cite Capital Ex as Klondike Days, however. Just remember that the two names are referring to the same event.

Brief history

The first Capital Ex was organized by the Edmonton Agricultural Society in 1879. Its exhibitions grew to a thousand entries in 1894. During these early times, Capital Ex was celebrated either during the summer or during spring. Today, however, Capital Ex is celebrated during the ten days near the end of July as summer festival. Before, the celebrations lasted for fewer days, only reaching up to six days in 1912; this number of days lasted until 1967. As the demand for the celebrations grew, the number of days increased until it reached ten days. By this time, the festival’s attendance reached more than half a million. When Klondike Days was reborn as Capital Ex in 2006, its events were revamped. Other features were also added, namely Global Connections, Northwest Originals, and Ed Fest.

Modern inclusions

Edmonton’s Capital Ex continues to attract guests of various ages. This lead to continuous improvements and added attractions. The year 2008 saw new features, such as talent searches, new rides, circus performances, and more. Capital Ex continues to hold its events at Northlands, its home since 2004.

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