Social Work Jobs in Edmonton


Social work involves strong devotion and passion to help people. It involves helping people to cope with their daily life issues. It also involves helping people deal with their relationships effectively and solve their family and other social problems. Simply put, social work jobs are all about helping people improve their lives.

Some social workers deal with people who have experienced or who are currently experiencing tragedies, disabilities, serious social problems, life-threatening diseases, severe housing and financial problems, employment problems (including unemployment), household conflicts, or abuse.

Like other jobs, social workers can also specialize or focus on certain areas. For example, some social workers prefer to concentrate on children, families, and schools. They usually take care of neglected or abused children and elderly people, help families acquire financial or housing aid, and help families deal with household and relationship problems. They can also deal with students who turn out to have issues in school.

Social workers can also focus on community health and other medical issues. They provide initial medical assistance to people and also help care for people’s health and nutrition. They can also help poor people get medical help and even arrange for financial assistance to sick people who are incapable of paying for hospital bills.

They can also concentrate on people’s emotional, social, and psychological health. These social workers are usually those who tend to people who are undergoing or have undergone experiences that can be emotionally, socially, or psychologically devastating.


Qualifications in terms of educational and training background vary, depending on the kind of social work job, though passion to help people in need must be a given.

Finding social work jobs in Edmonton

Available social work jobs can be usually found on job websites.

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