Hospitality Jobs in Edmonton


The hospitality and tourism industry in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has a whole lot of job opportunities for those who are looking for hospitality jobs in Edmonton. Hospitality jobs are those involving the reception and assistance of tourists who come to Edmonton.

Tourism and hospitality jobs in Edmonton can be found in hotels, motels, and other lodging places for vacationers and tourists. They can also be found in resorts, cultural centers, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other places and establishments where people usually go on holidays.

Examples of hospitality jobs

Involving everything that has to do with making Edmonton a welcoming and hospitable place to tourists, tourism and hospitality jobs can range from managerial to maintenance and cleaning jobs.

Some examples of people who are into hospitality jobs are tourist guides, resort and hotel receptionists, hotel or resort room attendants, hotel and resort maintenance personnel, banquet captains, janitors, cooks and chefs, cleaners, hosts and hostesses, hotel or resort entertainers, waiters and waitresses, banquet servers, hotel managers, restaurant managers, resort managers, housekeeping supervisors, park administrators, amusement park ride operators, bar tenders, bar managers, bar porters, and lifeguards.


Qualifications needed to secure hospitality and tourism jobs differ, depending on the job that you intend to apply for. However, good interpersonal, communication, and customer service skills are usually required.

Where to hospitality jobs

If you’re looking for hospitality jobs in Edmonton, you might as well check out the websites of hotels and tourists destinations in Edmonton for job openings. You can also search for jobs using Edmonton and Canada job sites.

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