Edmonton Journal Jobs


Edmonton journal jobs usually involve news, news gathering, news writing, publication, broadcast, and other things related to the media. These jobs usually require formal mass communication education and training, though some people manage to get in because of skill or strong interest.

Edmonton journal job types

Journal jobs and other media jobs in Edmonton can be in the field of journalism, entertainment, public relations and advertising, or production. Each of these fields involve various types of jobs such as researchers, reporters, writers, editors, production staff, announcers or broadcasters, cameramen, directors, producers, PR specialists, designers, and project managers, to name a few.

Edmonton journal job employers

Aside from media companies such as TV stations, radio stations, online publications, newspapers, and other print publications, journal jobs are also available in private companies and even in government offices. Private companies and government offices usually have departments for public relations and press releases. These departments are usually composed of communication specialists, PR writers, and other journal practitioners.

Looking for Edmonton journal jobs and media-related jobs

Companies these days take advantage of the wide scope and convenience of using the Internet in looking for employees. If you’re looking for available journal and media job openings in Edmonton, browsing the Internet and checking out Canada and Edmonton job sites is one of the best things to do. Edmonton job sites feature job openings from hundreds of companies and employers. These job openings are categorized according to discipline or area of specialization and can also be categorized according to geographical location or level of expertise.

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