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The Internet is an ideal venue for hoaxes just as much as it is an ideal venue for legitimate and helpful websites. In online job hunting, it is important to make sure that you are getting information from legitimate websites.

Legitimate job site developers usually take time and effort in providing relevant information to job hunters. A legitimate Edmonton job site would provide legitimate Edmonton job posting with genuine, accurate, and sufficient information.

Legitimate job posting would usually have the following:

1. Job title and job description

2. Employer or company name, address, and contact information

Some job postings include the name of the company’s contact person. Company address can be full or simply the city or town. Contact information can be a phone number, a fax number, a website, or an e-mail address.

3. Date of posting and date of job posting expiry

4. Company information

This can be a short background or description of the company looking for an employee. It can include the company’s history and nature, as well as opportunities it can give to employees.

5. Job duties and responsibilities

This should include specific tasks that the successful job hunter would be doing once he or she is accepted for the job.

6. Qualifications needed to secure the job

This includes training, educational attainment, skills, documents, and even personal traits needed to get the job.

7. Salary to expect (optional)

Some employers do not divulge the salary that they offer until the interview, though some can give a range on the job posting.

8. Opportunity for automatic application

Some Edmonton job sites provide venues for job seekers to automatically send their resume and intention to apply to employers on the same page.

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