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Edmonton is known as Canada’s Oil Capital because of the many productive oil wells in the area and its surrounding counties. However, black gold not only comes from oil wells. Oil and other petroleum products are actually mined in some areas of Alberta. Not surprisingly, the city of Edmonton is also where “oil-mining” industries have developed their business in Alberta. Oilsands are then used as veritable sources that need to be mined and processed to yield oil and other petroleum products.

Oilsands are actually bits of bitumen rocks that are made of sand, clay, water, and bitumen – a type of heavy crude oil that needs refinement before it can be used for other purposes. Industry experts and investors were not that excited with the prospect of “mining” oil from the soil as it entailed a lot expenses and effort but yielded only small amounts after processing. But as better technology developed to increase and make production efficient, mining oilsands is an opportunity that many companies are now taking advantage of.

The province of Alberta is home to large reservoirs of oilsands that can be processed for petroleum and other oil products. Though there is still a relatively rich source and the latest technologies to mine oilsands, the oilsands industry needs the help of many capable individuals to start this profitable venture running. Oilsands workers are expected to be physically fit to perform a variety of tasks such as mining the oilsands from the reserves, processing them, and refining the oil that comes out of them.

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